The excitement and anticipation for the upcoming India vs Pakistan game on October 15 has been overshadowed by controversy as Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) expressed their disapproval of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad as the venue for the match. Instead, the team is slated to play their remaining World Cup matches in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.

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Security Concerns Raised by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A recent report in ‘The Telegraph’ newspaper revealed that Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs has not yet cleared Ahmedabad as a venue for the game due to security issues. While no specific details were provided, the report has caused heated discussions and debates on social media.

PCB Demands Guarantees on Players’ Safety

In addition to the security concerns, the PCB has also demanded guarantees on the safety of players from the International Cricket Council (ICC), even if the Indian government approves the game in Ahmedabad. The PCB’s stance reflects growing tensions between the two countries, especially regarding cricket matches held on Indian soil.

India’s Response and Unresolved Conflict

India has responded by stating that the security has been taken care of, and players’ safety is a top priority. However, tensions continue to rise, and the situation remains unresolved. Fans of both teams are hoping that a solution can be found so that the highly anticipated match can go ahead without further controversy or conflict.


The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry has a long and storied history, with the two teams facing off against each other in many high-profile matches over the years. However, the recent controversy surrounding the Ahmedabad venue has brought attention to the ongoing political tensions between the two countries and the unfortunate impact it is having on cricket. Fans on both sides are hoping for a peaceful resolution, and a safe and exciting match that lives up to the high expectations.

The Ultimate Cricketing Rivalry: India’s Unmatched Streak Against Pakistan

Cricket has always been an intense and fervent sport in the Indian subcontinent, with a rich history and a plethora of passionate fans. And when it comes to the rivalry between India and Pakistan, it’s an entirely different ball game. This sporting phenomenon has transcended the boundaries of nationalism and has created a unique sense of intensity among the spectators, players, and officials. Let’s dive into the ultimate cricketing rivalry and explore India’s unmatched streak against Pakistan in the ICC ODI World Cup.

No.Year of ODI world cupResults
1.1992 India beat Pakistan by 43 runs in Sydney
2.1996 India beat Pakistan by 39 runs in Bengaluru
3.1999India beat Pakistan by 47 runs in Manchester
4.2003India beat Pakistan by 6 wickets in Centurion
5.2011India beat Pakistan by 27 runs in Mohali (Semifinal)
6.2015India beat Pakistan by 76 runs in Adelaide
7.2019India beat Pakistan by 89 runs in Manchester

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